Unfinished Poem

I know nothing about you How could I say that I am in love with you? I know nothing about you How could I finish my poem?   We are like unfinished poem Many words left unsaid Feelings left behind Blood & tear as an ink We are unfinished   I loved you I felt […]


I admit I am kind of poetic I write words Words from my heart I write beautiful words I touch some people heart with my art   But today looking at you Thinking of you All I can write was Three words, eight letters   Each letter that holds beautiful feelings Each word that holds thousands of […]

Wicked Game

Night of  broken sleep Day of  broken smile   We played a love game We played it smartly Yet, was so reckless with our hearts   You held me tight Closer to your heart Promising with your lips But, your eyes don’t lie Feels as if it was Our last day together   Did you […]