Be yours before you are ever anybody else’s

We always talk about how we chose the wrong person in the past. We blame that person for the bad feelings we feel or felt. Everyone in this world has been through a bad relationship/friendship once or twice. I myself too have been through it, I have been really hurt. These days I find myself questioning myself, why those people treated me the way they did. Why did they walk over me? Many questions that I asked God and myself. I wanted to share with you guys what I have discovered. Not professional but simple.

We humans always love to play the victim and always the right one. When we only focus on being the winner or the right one we miss our chance to learn about ourselves. It is our mistakes and bad choices that really makes us stronger and wiser. We rarely search our hearts, if there is any hate, anger, pain, insecurities, jealousy, pride and Evil thoughts in our hearts (secretly wishing bad for the people we don’t like). Before we start to understand why those people treated us the way they did, we need to understand why we treat ourselves the way we treat ourselves. One would ask; how do I treat myself?

  1. We don’t forgive ourselves for the wrong choices we made.
  2. We are way too harsh and hard on ourselves.
  3. We cannot see the beauty of our lives. We are often not content with what we have.
  4. We carry hate, anger, and pain for so long in our heart, while killing ourselves slowly.
  5. We give people the power to control our lives. Our emotions, happiness, and mind.
  6. We only see the flaws and never the beauty of who we are.
  7. We don’t take care of ourselves. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as much we need too.
  8. We don’t help ourselves when we need help, we wait for a hero to save us. Until then we let ourselves hurt.

We say we love ourselves but our action says otherwise. Love is an action.

I believe that it not about why those people treated us bad, but how we let them keep treating us that way. We didn’t value ourselves enough that when they would put us down we stayed down until they picked up us again. We didn’t know how to say “STOP! You cannot treat me this way. You cannot play with my emotions moreover I am worthy, I am not a choice.” We let them walk over us without knowing our power of words and action. We didn’t know who we were so we become who they want us to be. We didn’t know who to be other than the person we became in the process of fitting in. we chose to be lonely surrounded by hundred people than being alone focusing on ourselves. The power is not in that person’s hand, it’s in your hand. You will always choose the wrong person if you keep hiding in others shadow. Shine and start to value yourself for who you truly are. Treat yourself right, love yourself right and put aside all the hate, anger and revenge. Search your heart and purify your spirit, soul, and mind. It is not about choosing or finding the right person, but it is about choosing to love yourself and finding who you are. Be yours before you are ever anybody else’s. As much as you want to be loved and cared for the person you will meet needs to be loved and cared as well. Everyone feels pain in their own way, each has their own story to tell. Don’t listen to the devils lies, you are worthy. You have a purpose to be fulfilled. Our heart should be pure, obedient, full of forgiveness and love. God will make a way that everything works for you in your favor when their is no evil in your heart.



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