Do the right things with your action

Focusing on yourself and loving yourself is not putting others down. Having confidence is different than showing that you have confidence to others. Being rude is not confidence or standing for yourself. Don’t translate the good things in a different meaning with your action. Cutting off people and staying mad at someone for what they did a year ago. It is not healthy for your mind or body. You will lose the people you call friends in the process of self-love. But don’t let the people that left you to leave a negative mark in your heart.

It easy to hate the one that hates us and love the one that loves us. What takes courage is loving the people that hate us and praying for those who wish us wicked. Focusing on yourself is bettering yourself and helping others to see their beauty. Standing for those who can’t stand for themselves. Self-love means loving everyone. Not carrying hate or anger toward no one. Self-love is seeing beauty in others.  Forgiving is your power. Words are your power. Your action is how you can do a difference in this world. People are corrupt, money is what matters, how you look is your worth and how you dress is what defines you. Give yourself love and rest. You are the only person who truly knows how you are doing. Don’t be hard on yourself. Drink water and eat healthily. Don’t let them get in your way, Love yourselves. Let love be the first thing people remember when they hear your name. Redefine what beauty means and define self-love with your action.




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2 thoughts on “Do the right things with your action

  1. I love you so much. just because of who you are at heart and I admire what it reflects ❤️


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