Wicked Game

Night of  broken sleep

Day of  broken smile


We played a love game

We played it smartly

Yet, was so reckless with our hearts


You held me tight

Closer to your heart

Promising with your lips

But, your eyes don’t lie

Feels as if it was

Our last day together


Did you win or did I lost?

You were never mine

Yet, the thought of losing you

Numbs the small voice within me

Curled up in my bedside

Leaving the other side for you

Are you coming home tonight?

My flesh is warm

Yet, my soul is cold as an ice

Playing with love

Is like playing with fire

Like a burning rope

I am turning into ash

Losing control

Love is a losing game

You left a part of you in me

I left my whole being in you


This love game is killing me

Softly & Deeply.





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