Courage is not doing something fearlessly

The more I get closer to my dreams

The more

I want to run away & hide

I feel scared

I feel weak

I feel numb

I feel scared

I give myself ten reasons

Why I should give up

The more I get closer

To my breakthrough

The more I pray for an escape

For a whole new beginning

The dreams that God put within me

Feels impossible

Scares me

Yet, I walk

The choices I make scares me

But deep down I know

It will help me grow

I am not in my comfort zone

I am surrounded by people

I can hear my flesh telling

My mind to run away

But my spirit hold me still

I am courageous

Not because

I am fearless

But because

I walk despite my fears

I chose to see how big my God is

Not how big my problem is

I chose to trust God

when I felt like giving up

I walk through the darkest valley

I walk while I am surrounded by pain

For I know my

Father in Heaven is for me

If God is for me,

Who can be against me



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