Single Moms Carry a Double Load

It’s no longer about

Me, myself and I

You have two

To think about

You feel exhausted

You feel like a failure

You feel like giving up

You feel depressed

You feel weak

But what you feel

Is not who you are

You are amazing

Unconditional lover

You are a hero

Without a costume

You are loved

You are love

You are blessed

You are a strong woman

You can look after

Yourself & your child

Pay the bills & cook a meal

Clean your home & go to work

You no longer the old you

You found your true self

In the process of motherhood

Your child with your last name

Growing spiritually

& mentally

The child in your hand

Is a gift from above

The right man will

Love you and your child

As one

Stay where you are

Don’t give up

Keep your head up


Your hopes up

You will get

your reward

From above.



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