Road To Self-Discovery

  1. Am I giving my valuable time to the right people?
  2. How am I doing?
  3. Am I doing what really makes ME happy? If not, What makes me happy?
  4. Am I acting on my feelings?
  5. Am I going to regret saying this?
  6. What is my purpose?
  7. Am I still angry about a situation or someone?
  8. Will it really matter in 5 years?
  9. Can I let it go?
  10. Have I moved on?
  11. Can I forgive and forget?
  12. Do I keep my promises?
  13. Am I working on myself?
  14. What is my weakness?
  15. What is my strength?
  16. What is my gift?
  17. Do I give without expecting nothing in return?
  18. How do I treat others?
  19. What am I grateful for?
  20. What am thankful for?
  21. What lesson did I learn today?
  22. Why does their opinion or approval matter to me?
  23. Am I living for others or for me?
  24. Is this helping me to grow closer to God?
  25. How do I want to be remembered?