You Deserve The Right Things In Life

Most Men & Women

Are scared to let go of

Draining relationships

Draining friendships


They believe in what

The society tells me

That they will be lonely

They will feel unloved

Uncared for

What a sad world

I tell you today

Let go of those

Who taste like life

But kills you slowly

Let go of those

Who secretly wish

You bad things unconsciously

Let go of that one person

That changes you

Into someone you are not

To feel loved

To feel valued


you won’t be lonely

Learn to love yourself

Learn to love God

Receive God love

Give love unconditionally

You are loved the most

With one person

That loves you for you

Than hundred of people

That likes you for the

Person you are not


You don’t have to

Change who you are

To be loved

You deserve to live

A life that is right for you

With the right people

With the right work

With the right person

With the right surroundings

For you are not just nobody

You are someone to someone

That loves you dearly


A child of the most high God

Stop settling for less than you

Deserve in this short life.