Where is the Love?

What I love I see all around the world.

Where is the Love

Photographed By Poetbeckyaberra 



  1. Bless you my sister,I pray all is well with you, I just want to share something with you about the word HEART. …Those that can hear with their HEART have mastered the ART of HEARING the hearts of other people! Because we have to OPEN our HEARTS, and not just our EARS, in order to HEAR the needs of people! So the EARS of LOVE are located in the HEART and not in the head or the mind! A OPEN HEART, can HEAR and SEE what a closed HEART can’t! So if you OPEN up the word HEART! you can see other words in it…….(HEART….HEAR….EAR….ART) So to HEAR with the EAR of the HEART, is the ART of HEARING with LOVE!!! God Bless You!


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