Young Black Woman

I am a young black woman

Trying to be who I am

Tired of being a victim

People describing me

By my skin colour

Not knowing who I am

YES, I am black

My hair is Afro

That defies gravity

I am a dark skin

Work of God

Yes, I have a future

A dream just like you

My soul is strong

Yet so tired of

human beings

Without humanity


I am that black woman

That you call names

Defining me by the way

My body is built

My mind is too positive

My heart is too pure

Full of the word of God

I do no think jealously

Do not carry hate within me

I am not here to rule your world

I am here to inspire the world

Messenger from God

I will let you define me


Do not judge me when your

Own definitions defines you

I am a young black woman

That knows what I can

With the Lord beside me

My skin colour defines beauty

My humility defines my nature


My walk with God

Defines who I am

My beauty is not what

You see rather than

What shines from within

I don’t try to be you

I am simply me

Strong young black woman

Child of God.




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