The Vigeland Park

This is the most beautiful and unique sculpture is the world’s largest sculpture park done by one single artist Named  by Gustav Vigeland’s. Gustav Vigeland was born in Mandal in southern Norway 11 April 1869 and died in Oslo 12 March 1943. The Vigeland Park was completed between 1939 and 1949.

It has been the most beautiful experience. The way it is placed and the fact that it was made by just one man it was wonderful. Art is for lifetime permanent not temporary. No matter how long it took it was worth it. It is just so beautiful and you can think about side of the box to create your own story. It dose not limit your thinking. It Is all about life cycle and I tried to take some photos of my favourite sculptures and put it together. Like a little family cycle. It touches your heart, and art is suppose to make you feel some type of way you either love it or hate it there is no in between. I love this work of art. Art for your heart.


Photo of Artist Gustav Vigeland’s

The Vigeland Park Photographed By Poetbeckyaberra



Artist Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943)