Only God can give you what the world can’t

When we live in this world we are always searching for something that satisfies us. We work hard and spend it just to find happiness and forget all our stress. We go on many dates to find the one, go through many heartbreaks and disappointments. We say and write about how life is a roller coaster. We buy the designer cloth, fancy car and all the things the world requires you to fit in. You come home late at night tired from a hard work only to stay up all night and worry about what tomorrow might bring. You have all the things you need, beauty, money, and mind yet you can’t understand what is missing. You feel as if you can never be satisfied. The money in your bank account brings puts a smile on your face for a day call yourself shopaholic. You go out every Friday and Saturday night just to release the stress you went through all week just to repeat the same cycle. Friends, big family, and a great job aren’t just enough. Always trying to find who you are. No law to discipline your lifestyle. Just live life being in control.

That one humble prayer changes everything. That peace that fills your heart as you feel the Lord presence in your life. He calms the storm in your life. You wake the next morning with a purpose. Busy to please your Lord as he blesses you. You start to walk in a miracle. You become grateful for the things you have. You know all these things you have are meaningless. You become this new person that sees the world in a new perspective. You have this peace in your heart. Rest you only dreamt of. You get home after a long day and be grateful for what you see at home and you rest. You give God the wheel and you sit on the passenger seat as you enjoy the ride. God completes you. You know you are forgiven by Christ blood, you are forgiven. You not a prisoner of your past. You are a new person in Christ in you. You seek his face and hungry for his words. You know you are loved. The holy spirit disciplines you from the things that you can’t. Some will test your faith. They will come to you questioning your God and testing your faith. But don’t hate the person, hate the spirit in them. Tell them how that God came through and filled your heart only God can give you what the world can’t. They will test you but they don’t dare to be in his presence. God is your answer to your all your question.

«John 10:1-10»

“You read all the

Books in the world


Not the Bible.”