Prove Yourself

The moment you feel like you have to prove your value to someone is the moment you need to wake up and walk away. You should only prove yourself to yourself not anyone else. There are some people that stop you from growing. Nothing is personal In this world we live in. we do it because that is what we want in our lives what makes us happy. We fight our own battles, why do we have to fight with each other. We could support each other dreams and build each other higher. There are things in our lives we will never understand why it happened, but it shaped us into the person we are today. Everyone has their own dreams, their lifestyle and who they want to become. Why is it so hard for us to accept someone’s else growth? It’s funny how we are the only one that knows how we truly feel and yet we keep blaming ourselves. We could go easy with ourselves and know that our every poor choice is the most beautiful part of our story. It’s really beautiful how someone so hurt inside can go outside and look so fragile beautiful. Smile their way down the street, tea time with friends and they still keep manage to smile. That’s real beauty that makeup or designer cloth can’t hide, that’s all you.