What I learned in life is that,

We shouldn’t force relationships, friendships or conversations.

What’s meant to be will always be,

No need to rush or force things out of their will. 

Who ever wants to be in your life will be there,

You don’t have to fight to find a place in someone’s heart.

They will make an effort to be in your life as you will make the same effort to be in theirs, if not you move on that’s simply life.

No more having one sided love or effort, because we know that what’s yours will always find a way to be in your life, effortlessly And that’s what you call life. Sometimes you don’t get what you want but you sure do get what you need. The people you need and the things you need in life. Don’t play game, care, fall in love, make mistake and learn from it, be mad or sad whatever you do be a human with feelings so that you live life to the fullest. 

~Becky A.