Love You Free

Love is poetry


She was poetry

He loved poetry

And she was one

One with everything he wrote

and he wrote everything
Everyone wanted to

figure her out like

The Mona Lisa painting

Yet she stayed as a mystery

A mystery to the world

That no one could solve
He liked the mystery

of her silence

He liked the mystery

of her broken smile

He liked the way she danced

with the dark as her eyes

glowed like the stars

and gave him light


he loved her mysteriously ways

of showing love.

And most of all he loved her mind,

Her mind that flows words

Like a waterfall

Love stops time


she stood there still

as a mystery for the world
He was a curious soul

Loves mystery to solve

As she stood in a crowd

that tries to solve her

He read her fast like

an open book

Then he opened his eyes

saw her’s smiling
She gave him the

key to her heart

I’m not gonna tell you

it was art

but it was beautiful

A beauty that the

heart only could feel

A peace that the

mind only could imagine


please don’t think to much

I want you to just be

Just be who you are

A mystery to the world

Yet an open book in my eyes
Feel free to feel free

Free like a lake

running in to the sea

Free like you free me

She was a poetry

A poetry that was love 

And love feels like freedom

So he said

I would love to love you free

I would love to love you high

Love free like the birds in sky

Love free like the summer butterfly

Love free like your mind

I love your free mind

it’s sweet like wine

They say things fade away

as time goes by

Yet you,

You only get better

with time like wine.

B.A. & Simon M.